Guide to Authenticity
  • The Real Premium Fish Sauce

    from VIET HUONG
    Viet Huong has set the standard in the premium fish sauce market since 1984. The distinct taste and aroma was created by Mr. Sanh Chung and his family. The use of the first extract of Viet Huong's own fermented fish sauce and our special formulation process offers incremental advantages that includes:

    - Raw Material Acquisition
    - Fermentation and First Extract
    - Geographic Advantages
    - HACCP Quality Standard
    - State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility
    - Painstaking Effort
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  • Raw Material Acquisition

    Viet Huong uses only the finest anchovives caught from the Gulf of Thailand. Our manufacturing plants are based in Phú Quốc (Vietnam) and Rayong (Thailand). In order to achieve the uniqueness of the premium fish sauce, Viet Huong selects only the fresh, clean and healthy anchovies.

  • Raw Material Acquisition

    The geographic advantage of Viet Huong lets us utilize all natural sea salt which is one of the main ingredients in the manufacturing process.


  • Fermentation & First Extract


    Thailand and Vietnam are renowned for making the best fish sauce and their rich coastal fisheries provide the freshest anchovies. Viet Huong's fermentation plants are responsible for selecting the best quality anchovies caught from the Gulf of Thailand, then sort, clean and mix them in sea salt. The fermentation process takes 18 months and Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce will use only the first extract of the fish sauce for blending.


  • Geographic advantages

    Viet Huong owns its plants in Vietnam (Phú Quốc), Thailand (Rayong) and Hong Kong where we produce our Premium Fish Sauce. Phú Quốc sits in the Gulf of Thailand and it was renowned for making fish sauce (nước mấm) in South East Asia due to the abundant fish haul. Viet Huong has a factory in Phú Quốc therefore our products carry the label of Phú Quốc on its bottle for identification.


  • Geographic advantages

    Thailand has become one of the world's largest and highly developed producers and exporters of processed food products with advanced methods, a modern infrastructure and a stable market. Thus, Viet Huong started its own plant in Rayong that also sits in the Gulf of Thailand. Along with the abundant supply of fresh anchovies there, Thailand has more sophisticated equipment than Vietnam so we are able to guarantee the consistent quality of our products. Currently Viet Huong's plant covers around 10,000 square meters at its Rayong site.

    Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce is the result of a tradition of blending excellence in small, strictly limited quantities. The art of blending demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to the quality of flavor that neither the fermentation nor fish sauce from a single location alone is enough to achieve this unrivalled masterpiece and its ultimate expression of integrity.

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