Guide to Authenticity
  • Our Product Line-up

    Viet Huong developed a portfolio of
    five characterful brands including
    One Crab, Two Crabs, Three Crabs,
    Flying Lion, Five Crabs.

    In 2011, the most ambitious initiative in
    our brand's illustrious history was revealed...
    the launch of a new and exciting addition to
    the portfolio: Three Crabs 300ml!

    Viet Huong is preparing to launch
    this exclusive size for the full range of
    Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauces.

  • our All-Round Taste

    Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauces are naturally brewed and made from the finest quality ingredients producing superior quality fish sauces‭ that provide an alternative taste to standard seasonings. Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauces are easy to use and have an excellent taste for daily table serving and cooking. They can be used for marinating recipes, steamed, roasted, stir-fried and pan-fried dishes, as well as soups, dips and salad dressings.

  • Three crabs brand

    The Three Crabs Premium Fish Sauce is the original classic brand from Viet Huong. It represents the purity and authentic taste that a Premium Fish Sauce should have. Rich, full-bodied flavor.

    Both 682ml and 300ml are available.

  • Flying Lion brand

    This legendary Flying Lion Premium Fish Sauce has a nicely balanced flavor that delivers an extraordinary smoothness and remarkable sweetness!

    "Phú Quốc" highlighted on the label refers to the name of an island off the southwest coast of Vietnam that is famous for making the world's best fish sauces.

    Both 682ml and 300ml are available.

  • Five Crabs brand

    The Five Crabs "Super Premium" Fish Sauce is the latest addition to the Viet Huong family. Expressive and complex, nicely balance between savory and sweet, as well as rich in color. There are two different labels for the Korean and U.S. markets respectively.

    Both 682ml and 300ml are available.

  • One Crab brand

    This sublime One Crab Premium Fish Sauce displays an intense combination of color, aroma and flavor.

    "Hòn Phan Thiết" printed on the label refers to Phan Thiết City which is located in southern Vietnam, a region well known for producing excellent fish sauce.

  • Two Crabs brand

    The magnificent Two Crabs Premium Fish Sauce reveals a double intense combination of aroma and flavor which is categorized as an alternative to One Crab Brand.

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