Guide to Authenticity
  • Event Show-up

    Viet Huong introduced in MIHAS 2012 !

    Viet Huong participated in an international food trade events in Malaysia this year - The 9th Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2012 in Kuala Lumpur. MIHAS is an annual traditional trade fair with the largest gathering of Halal industry players hosted by the Ministry of International Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE).

    All exhibitors must have a valid Halal certification from authorized Halal certification agencies. This event enabled traders from retail, food service and manufacturing to meet Viet Huong directly and sample the range of products on sale across the region. With cooking demonstrations throughout each day, Viet Huong's booth attracted a steady stream of potential and existing customers to raise our brand awareness.

  • Event Show-up

    • the 9th MIHAS (April 2012)

      Viet Huong participated in an international food trade events in Malaysia this year –
      The 9th Malaysia International Halal Showcase (MIHAS) 2012 in Kuala Lumpur.

  • guide To Authenticity- UPDATE: 01/06/2012

    • Your Health is Our Concern!
      To avoid purchasing counterfeit,
      please check carefully!

      Counterfeit is neither approved nor inspected by any sanitation departments!

      To protect your health,
      please purchase from authorized retailers!

      To report counterfeits or suspect fraud, call Viet Huong’s local agents.

    • Bright and Sharp Color

      The brightness and sharpness of the authentic label sticker is perfectly balanced as the label is printed with Pantone rather than CMYK, while the texts printed are clear and neat.

    • Clear Expiry Date Shown

      The format of the expiry date of the authentic one is DD/MM/YYYY while the counterfeit is showing
      DD_MMM (three-letter abbreviation)_YYYY.

    • Sharp edged Graphic

      The printing quality of the authentic one is perfect while the counterfeit's is bad and the printing misalignment is obviously shown.

    • Correct Spelling

      The spelling of “FISHSAUCE” on the authentic packaging is correct while the counterfeit is written as “FIXHSAUCE”.

    • Smooth Labeling

      Automatic labeling machine offers the label stuck precisely and smoothly. The quality of counterfeit is poor and the label is stuck on by hand and therefore the surface is rough and the alignment is not proper.

    • Scan with your mobile phone barcode reader apps NOW!

      You can now download the "Guide to Authentic Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce" by using a mobile phone barcode reader app. Scan the QR code and you can download the poster automatically.

  • Q & A

    Why can viet huong claim its fish sauce as premium?

    Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce is the first extract, "extra virgin" fish sauce made from Vietnam and Thailand, the renowned places for making the best fish sauce, Viet Huong owns its factories which are responsible for selecting the best quality anchovies then fermented with the finest sea salt for 18 months in order to produce its authentic taste. It is then processed in Hong Kong under strict industrial standard. We have acquired HACCP (CODEX), ISO9001:2008 and HALAL JAKIM certificates which are industrial standards of quality.

    Is VIET HUONG's Factory located in China BUT NOT Hong Kong?

    Viet Huong's factory is located in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, HKSAR), but not in the Mainland China. Viet Huong Company Limited and its Premium Fish Sauce are all complying with the safety, health and quality requirements of Hong Kong, therefore, Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce can be claimed "Product of Hong Kong".

    Why does viet huong produce fish sauce in hong kong?

    Viet Huong chose to process fish sauce in Hong Kong mainly due to its reputation of quality standards and industrial regulations for the benefits of our customers. The certifications of HACCP (CODEX), ISO9001:2008 and HALAL JAKIM allow Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauces to be imported to the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Asia which fulfill the local regulations including FDA, CFIA, EU Standard, etc.

    Is There any Advantage for producing fish sauce in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong is the world leading logistics center with a well-developed infrastructure. It gives us a strategic advantage in logistics and worldwide distribution.
    Furthermore, the Hong Kong Government provides a suitable and stable framework for commerce and industries to function efficiently and effectively. Viet Huong is confident to run its factory here in order to focus on developing the best Premium Fish Sauces.

    Why doES viet huong premium fish sauce need to be fermented for 18 moNths?

    In our 28-year-experience we have determined that an 18-month-fermentation is the minimum amount of time for developing the authentic taste of fish sauce which is not too salty and with a touch of savory sweetness. The aroma as well as the protein from anchovies will also have matured. If the fish sauce is fermented for 12 months or less, the taste will be salty without sweetness and with a foul smell. The market has many poor quality counterfeit copies of our brands which has resulted to the impression that our Premium Fish Sauce has a foul smell.

    What Are the keys for Viet Huong Producing Premium Fish Sauce?

    Premium Fish Sauce's use is versatile for a variety of dishes. The key in developing a truely premium product is to use the freshest anchovies from Vietnam and Thailand combined with skillfully blending and drawing the first extracts. Traditional techniques with advanced modern equipment guarantee our product's quality, safety and consistency. Some other brands use protein or nitrogen degree to claim that their fish sauce premium. From Viet Huong's experience, too much protein is probably a misleading result from the use of food additives.

    Why does viet huong premium fish sauce have an aroma but not any bad smell?

    The bad smell is mainly caused by a shorter fermentation period with less salt. Therefore the anchovies were probably not fermented, but rotten! Another cause would be the fake brands using a plastic fermentation container. If it smells like wood glue, it is normally used when bonding the joints. Currently many fish sauce companies such as Viet Huong, are equipped with high industrial standard and the fish sauce we produce will not have a foul smell but an authentic aroma.

    Why does viet huong premium fish sauce deliver a unique favorful taste?

    Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce use anchovies as the only ingredient without mixing in other types of fish such as sardines. The result is a taste that has a natural sweetness from the anchovies. We use the first catch which is the key process for developing this unique taste. Meanwhile the anchovy/salt proportion for fermentation as well as Viet Huong's secret formulation produces a Premium Fish Sauce that is easily used in many dishes or just as a dipping sauce. Additionally, our product contains protein, omega 3 and DHA oils due to its main ingredient of anchovies.

    How can viet huong premium fish sauce be used in daily CUISINE?

    Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce can be used in marinating recipes for meats, steaming fish, roasting, stir-frying and pan-frying dishes. It can also be added to soups, and used as a dip or salad dressings. It is easy to use and provides an excellent taste for both table serving and cooking. Households, celebrity chefs and the food industry have praised our Viet Huong premium line of fish sauces. Our "Three Crabs" brand was highlighted as a Chef's Secret Ingredient in Bon Appetit Magazine, an American food and entertaining magazine published monthly.

    What is Histamine And Histamine Level?

    Histamine is an organic compound resulting from enzymatic decarboxilation of histidine (aminoacid), naturally present in the fish. Low histamine in food is not necessarily hazardous.
    According to the guidance of FDA, it states that in most cases histamine levels in illness-causing fish have been above 200ppm and there is some evidence that other chemicals may play a role in the illness as well. High histamine level may also form due to time and temperature abuse, in other word, fish is not properly handled on-board the harvest vessel and not iced or refrigerated during transportation or in the plants.

    Why is there no Other brand claiming its Histamine Level besides Viet Huong?

    The histamine level of Viet Huong Premium Fish Sauce is below 100ppm which is far lower than the regulation from FDA and other sanitary guidance which indicates that our products are safe. Some brands which levels are higher than 200ppm certainly will not tell the customers and use some marketing technique to diverse customers' focus, e.g., high content of protein, or nitrogen degree.



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